Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pepsi and Chocolate

Most of us out there have an addiction to something. 

Some people struggle with an addiction to a harmful substance, like drugs or alcohol. For others, it's an addiction to video games, facebook, shopping, collecting, and even reading. There are too many possible additions to name, some worse than others.

Some of us know and admit to our additions. 

Some of us are still in denial, and it's the people around us who point out our possible "problem".

Take the other day, for example:

My husband called to me from where he sat at the computer and asked, 

"Kim, have you been out shoplifting?"

"That depends," I joked, "Was I caught?"

He read to me the beginning of an article he'd come across on

"A woman accused of attempting to steal items from the City Creek Harmons grocery store told police she ran out of money and needed Pepsi and Chocolate to feed an addiction."

I had to laugh. 

There are some days when I get pretty desperate, but I don't think I'd go that far...

Especially when the article continues to say this woman was charged with a third-degree felony, and charged $5,000 bail.

Not worth it!

However, this does reminds me about something I found on Pintrest, which I am determined to make for myself:

Because you never know when an emergency will strike. 

I wonder if I could fit a bottle of Pepsi in the frame too...