Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Days Like These...

It's winter in Utah. Even if the calendar doesn't say so, twenty inches of snow does! It's cold. The roads are bad. Most of the time I just hide out at home. But even home is lacking a few of my dream necessities.

It's days like these that make we wish for three things.

  1. A fireplace. I want to sit next to it, curled up in a blanket while reading a good book. I've got the blanket. I've got the book. I don't have the fireplace.
  2. A big bathtub. You know, one for normal size people, not kids under five years old. I want to actually be able to lie down in it. That would be great. Oh, and the water needs to be hot. I mean, almost scalding. That would also be great.
  3. Finally, an in-home-at-my-beck-and-call masseuse. I shoveled so much snow yesterday that my arms and hands were numb. Not from cold, but from overuse. I could barely hang up the laundry after dinner last night. Today, when I woke up I could barely move. My arms. My back. My neck. Even my legs! Ummm... Ouch!
Maybe I'll write to you-know who.

Dear Santa,

I've been really good this year. At least, I've tried. I tried not to laugh during that over-acted roll play training meeting. I tried not to eat all the chocolate in a three mile radius from my house. I tried not to neglect my kids while I finished "one more chapter". See list above for my heart's desires.


I fear his reply would be something like this:

Dear Kim,

I received your letter of request for Christmas. I've reviewed your actions for the past year. I've come to the conclusion that I will be filling your request, at least in part. You've asked for much. Personally, I think you're being a little greedy. I'll tell you what. You get your own bath tub, and I'll send some bath salt. You get your own massuese and I'll take advantage of a nice massage when I'm there on Christmas Eve dropping off your coal (that goes in the fireplace you are in charge of getting yourself).

How does that sound?

Have a Merry Christmas. (Try harder next year.)


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Write Planner - Special Offer

I've had a great beginning with my new product,

The Write Planner

and want to give a special thank you to all those who helped me spread the word.

Thank you!!

My resources only get me so far, but you've helped me extend my reach.

If you haven't heard about The Write Planner yet, listen up!

It's a day planner designed especially for writers. It includes:

  1. Sturdy Cover with inside pocket
  2. Weekly motivating quotes
  3. Full 2011 Yearly calendar
  4. Monthly Calendars
  5. Weekly layouts with daily goals
  6. Monthly writing goals
  7. Card stock dividers
  8. NaNoWriMo tracking sheet
  9. Track your progress
  10. Visual progress bars
  11. New contacts
  12. Critique group info
  13. Notes
  14. Upcoming conferences (blank)
  15. Built-in Ribbon bookmark

Check out my website, Writer Remedies and see sample pages here.

As a special offer, if you order before November 30th, 2010, in addition to the full 2011 planner, you'll get the month of December 2010,  included for free. That way you won't have to wait until the new year to organize your writing.

I only have 12 more of these special edition planners left in stock, in the following color options:

  • (5) Blue
  • (3) Green
  • (2) Tan
  • (2) Cream

Get one as a gift and one for yourself! (Especially since shipping is the same amount whether you buy 1 or 2 planners!)

Included in the planner are weekly quotes from famous authors to motivate and inspire you, and sometimes just make you laugh. This week's quote is,

"I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, 
and took out a comma. 
In the afternoon I put it back again."  
- Oscar Wilde

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Finally Beginning to Understand.

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, it's time to get down to business. For the first time in my life, I took advantage of Black Friday. When I heard that Walmart was opening at midnight I decided it would be easier to stay up late than wake up early. I waited on my couch reading a book while watching a movie (not sure why I was doing both) until 11:30. I figured it was close enough, so I headed out.

What a Joke!


I didn't know that many people lived in Utah. The parking lot (which is quite large) was full.

Completely full.

A miracle happened and a car backed out (someone who had decided it wasn't worth it) and I got their spot.

I noticed that the doors to the store must have been opened early, because no lines were gathered outside in the freezing air.

Lucky me. (I thought.)

While walking into the store I passed another woman who was leaving, while muttering under her breath that it was definitely not worth it.

I should have listened. But I was on a mission.

I rounded the corner and immediately I saw what I was searching for. A young woman was holding the very cowboy doll (Woody from Toy Story) I wanted.

I looked around for more.

She had the last one.

I looked down, searching for the companion doll that was even more of a necessity than the first. But there were NO JESSIE DOLLS!

While I searched the young woman standing next to me set the Woody doll down and walked away. Before she'd taken two steps I snatched it up, holding it close to me.

But what about Jessie?

I wandered the store for a half-hour looking for her. It still wasn't even midnight, but lines had formed at the registers, continuing all the way to the back of the store. I looked everywhere. I sqoze between carts, people, racks and shelves. Several times I looked down and saw her in other people's carts.

That's when it hit me. I finally began to understand all the stories about people fighting like crazy animals over silly little toys.

They had what I wanted. No, what I needed. How could I not get it for my sweet little daughter? It's all she's asking for. She can't wait to see Santa, so she can tell him she wants a "Big Jessie". (The one she has now is about two inches tall.)

And I didn't get there soon enough. I failed.

Inside my head I joked to myself about elbowing the woman next to me, grabbing Jessie and making a run for it. Surely I could run faster than her, right? I could blend in with the crowd!

But of course I didn't give into such foolishness. I waited in line for an hour and a half to buy the one I did get. Then I went back again at 7:00 in the morning. Still, no Jessie.

I sent my husband back in the afternoon. And I went again on Saturday.

I still don't have. But I will get her! I'll pay full price for her too, when I do find her. And on Christmas morning I'll see the light come into my daughter's eyes when she sees the Big Jessie popping out of the top of her stocking.

I'm not sure if I'll do Black Friday next year or not. I guess that depends on how bad I want to make my kids happy. If I do, I will certainly be going earlier!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Praise For The Snow Plow

You know the story. You spend an hour of back-breaking labor shoveling your sidewalk and driveway only to go inside and have the snow plow come and block it again with a two feet tall wall.

Happens every time, right?

Not in this story.

My husband had just finished the driveway. He was about to go inside when the plow turned onto our street. He braced himself to re-clear the driveway.

The snow plow passed and as expected, blocked the driveway. But instead of continuing on his way, he came back, adjusted the plow and CLEARED IT FOR US!

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I haven't.

Until now.

So today I'm singing praise for the snow plow!

To snow plow drivers every where: Thank you.

Thank you for making the roads safe for us. Thank you for working through the night. Thank you for putting up with complaints that you're not fast enough, and that you throw salt on our cars.

I think you're wonderful!

Thank a snow plow driver today. Thank any and everyone today. Be thankful for all you have been blessed with.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

You Know You're At Grandma's When...

We recently got back from a trip to see my husband's grandpa (92) and grandma (84). They are both in good health and enjoy seeing their grandkids. But lets face it, they enjoy their great-grandkids even more.

And you know you must be at Grandma's house when she showers your kids with presents.

Like a talking Teddy Bear.

And a harmonica.

(The ride home was so much fun!)

But the kids loved them. So I'm happy.

Another sign you must be at Grandma's? When you arrive at 2:00 in the afternoon and the table is already set for dinner. A wonderful, homemade dinner of rolls, jello salad, a veggie tray, green beans cooked with bacon, and scalloped potatoes with cubed ham. Oh, and dessert!

Dessert consisted of little bowls of ice cream and homemade cookies. Last time we visited we had the same dessert. Is that a generation thing, or just this grandma?

The next morning Grandma apologized for only serving us cold cereal. Of course there were three kinds to choose from. Plus orange juice, raisin toast, apples and bananas.

And the final sign that proves you're at Grandma's house? When she tries to pour the milk (from the store-bought container) into a pitcher for the table.

I convinced her that was not necessary.

But it did make me smile.

Only at Grandma's!

They live about 3-1/2 hours away. Most of the drive was pleasant (well, except for that harmonica!). Traffic was calm until the final hour as we drove into the city. It's my least favorite part of a trip.

The re-entry.

With semi-trucks on all sides we all managed to all stay in our own lanes, though some cars just barely.

We got stuck behind one particular car that didn't think they needed to drive the speed limit. (Just to be clear, the roads were dry, the weather was clear.) It took a few minutes before we could pass, but as we did we got a good laugh.

On the side of the car was a giant size logo that read ASAP.

Hmmm.  Did someone change that to mean As Slow As Possible, and not send me the memo?

Friday, November 19, 2010

And the Winners are:

Thank you all for your participation in my giveaway for The Write Planner.

I hope to continue to spread the word.

I hope writers everywhere will find it helpful.

But now, the winners!

The winner of The Write Planner is: Okie

The winner of the non-writer prize goes to: Andrea

Congratulations to you both!

Last Day To Enter

Today is the final day for The Write Planner giveaway! I'm away from my computer until later, so this post is coming from my phone, and I don't know how to link to the contest post. But look at Mondays post (November 15th), and comment there for a chance to win!

One winner gets The Write Planner (your choice of color). Another winner, for those of you who are not writers, gets a copy of Annette Lyon's newest book

Chocolate Never Faileth
(a chocolate cookbook)

Let me know whether or not your a writer.

Good luck to you all!

I'll post the winners this evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Was Going To Read It...

Many years ago while flipping through the channels I was drawn into a movie. I didn't know the name of it at first, but then found out it was called Les Miserables. I don't remember much about it, other then I liked it. Last week when the book came to my attention on Goodreads I decided I would like to read it.

That was before I picked it up from the library and realized it is 1432 pages.

Umm... maybe not.

I don't have time to make that kind of commitment right now!

So, it's going back to the library today, unread. I think I'll have to just watch the movie again. Maybe when life slows down a little (ya, right!), I can try again.

Have any of you read Les Mis?

Also, if you haven't already entered, check out my giveaway! It ends this Friday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing...The Write Planner

The wait is over! 

I'm excited to finally announce the product I've been working on for the last few months.

It's called 
The Write Planner.

What is The Write Planner? It's a day planner designed especially for writers. 

That's right, for you!
(or for that writer you know)

To celebrate the arrival of The Write Planner finally being ready, 
I'm having a give-a-way contest.

The lucky winner will receive their own copy of The Write Planner for free! 
Not a writer? Don't know a writer?
That's okay. Just let me know that in the comments,
and you'll be entered to win another (secret) prize!

Here's how to enter:
  • Visit my website. Look at the list of features. Preview the sample pages. Leave a comment telling me what color option is your favorite.
  • Blog about this contest, linking back to this post.
  • Put this contest on the sidebar of your blog.
  • Find my company (Writer Remedies) on facebook and 'like' me.
  • Post this contest on facebook, linking back to this post.

Each item will give you one entry, for a total of five entries. Tell me what you've done in the comments. 

Contest ends Friday, November 19, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. (MST).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mark Your Calendars...

I have a wonderful announcement!

Are you as excited as I am?


But you'll have to wait a few more days.

I'll be revealing this fun and exciting news on 

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Let me just tell you,

It's gonna be great!

If you are a writer, you won't want to miss this.

If you know a writer, you won't want to miss this.

The announcement (and contest that goes with it) will happen in

Just 5 more days....

See you all on Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My First Day of Kindergarten

If you would have asked me last month when I decided to become a writer, I would have told you it started about three years ago. I went to a presentation where a local author spoke about the message in one of her books.

That's when the idea started to grow within me.

At least, that's what I thought.

A couple of weeks ago I was deep cleaning, and found a box of childhood memories. Inside that box, I found this:

My first book!

I wrote it in the fourth grade. I even won a contest with it, and got to go to the local library for an award ceremony. (Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit to only remembering one other book submitted from my class, and there may have even been two awards given, but still - I won!)

Apparently I have wanted to write since I was a 10-year-old kid. Now that I've found this book, the memories are flooding back. I remember the feeling I had as I walked into the room to receive my award. I imagined dozens of people (what I now know to be called "agents") to be waiting for me, each wanting to buy my book.

I was going to be famous!

I was going to be rich!

Then reality settled in.

There were at least a hundred other kids sitting in their chairs, each having "won" their own class contest. And can you believe it, no one had to protect me from the onslaught of raving fans I was sure would pop around the corner any second....

While reading through this masterpiece, I was overwhelmed by how much I've learned in the twenty years since its publication. (And by publication, I mean my hand drawn, hand written on uneven sheets of hand cut paper.)

It's time to redeem myself. Surely this time I will be famous. Surely this time I will be rich.

Without further ado, I present:

My First Day of Kindergarten
(Type-o's, tense, and grammar errors left intact)

Hi my name is Jenny. I am 5 years old. I have lots of friends and I am a popular girl. I live in a strange pretty house.

"Jenny," your father and I talked about moving to somewhere else. she said. "Where" I demanded. Rigby. "She said" I didn't want to but I had to. The rest of the month I was  glomy.

The days past. Tomorrow was the big day. I did a lot of cleaning. I packed and gave half of my stuff away. I hated it.

I went to bed. Jenny time to get up. So I got up and finished packing. The truck got here. We put all the things in the moving van. and we said good-by to our friends and went.

I got there and I like my new house. it was pink and blue. it is very pretty. I live in a fansy place.

Jenny, we are going to start school next week my mom said. your going to be in kindergarten. "I am" I ask. Ya! said my mom. I can't wait "I said." Let's go get suplies I said.

So we went to Shopko, and got all our suplies, and then we went home. we put our name on everything.

School starts tomorrow so I went to bed at 7:00. Jenny get up school starts in 2 hours. So I got up and got in the tub.

and got in my best dress. And went Down stairs and ate

and brushed my teeth and went to school

my teacher was pretty. Her name was mrs. Rose.

Recess. Jenny, do you want to come play with me on the swings. A girl ask me. I guess. I said, and we went and played on the swings. My name is Debbie. she said. Hi Debbie I said.

The bell rang. Time Passed. Time to go home and eat. Debbie can you come to my house I ask. yes. She said. So we went to my house and she called her mom.

her mom said she could eat at my house so we had some soup.

Then we went to her house and got some milk and cookies.

And went up stairs and played Barbies and other games like
     Hid and seek
     man in the moon 
     we drew
and had fun.

I always had days like that until...Jenny, we had another talk and we desided to move to Salt lake.

here we go again, I said.

I know!

Please send fan mail via the comments section of this blog. I will await to hear from you with the patience of a 10-year-old.