Monday, January 24, 2011

The Thief of Time

I was going to write this post last night.

Then, I was going to write it first thing this morning.

It's now just after lunch, and I'm finally getting around to it.

Where does all the time go?

The answer to that question leads us to this week's writing quote:

"Procrastination is the thief of time."
- Joseph Heller

Oh, that's it. Procrastination took my time away. The thief!

I never used to be good at procrastination, but I'm learning!

And I hate it.

I hate how I feel when it's the night before a big event, and I'm scrambling.

I hate the sleepless nights, or even worse - the nightmares of being unprepared if I do actually manage to sleep.

Each time I promise myself that I'll be more on top of it next time.

Like I always used to be.

What happened to me?


Church service?






General laziness?


Okay, so it's probably all of the above. Plus a few other things.  Like trying to find a picture for this:

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Friday, January 21, 2011

That Explains It!

A couple of years ago I began feeling nauseous.  You know, pregnancy-type queazy.  The problem was, I had an almost two year old, a not quite six month old, and nearly panicked with the idea of having another one added on to that.

It just couldn't be possible! Could it?

After a week or so of serious anxiety, an idea occurred to me. I had started taking a new multivitamin about the same time I began feeling "sick".

Could it really be that easy?

To my great relief, it was.

I stopped with the vitamins an voila!

They made a two-point shot, strait into the garbage!

Fast forward to two weeks ago.

Once again I decided to start taking a multivitamin. I chose a different brand, and hoped for the best.

The queasiness came back the first day!

Ugh! Could it really be so hard to add extra vitamins to my diet?

I had a new idea. I had been taking the vitamins in the morning, with breakfast. I changed to taking them at dinner. Maybe if I took them with more food I would be okay.

Guess what? It worked! No more pregnancy-like sick feeling. Hooray!

About a week into my new routine I was up late, unable to fall asleep - again! I needed to sleep. I needed to get up early. I had barely been able to stay away during the mid afternoon. Why couldn't I sleep now?

On a whim I headed toward the pantry. (Okay, it was probably more of a "search for a late night snack", but...)

While staring at the shelves, wishing for some zero-calorie chocolate to magically appear, I saw my vitamin bottle. Picking it up I read the following:

This product contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.


No wonder I couldn't sleep at night. I'd just taken a caffeine pill with dinner!

Now I've moved onto option number three, taking it with lunch. If this doesn't work I'm swearing off vitamins forever!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lasterday: Made-up Words

My daughter, who is almost four, has her own little collection of made up words. Most of the time she's speaks the same dialect as the rest of us, but every now and then the Made-Up-Words come out.

Member - This one's just short for Remember, but it's still cute.

  • "You said I could have a treat after I ate all my lunch, member?"

Yabecause - This is said all as one word. She uses it when she's looking for an excuse to get out of something. Not only that, but it's usually used in the completely wrong way. (Is there actually a wrong way to use made-up words?)

  • me: "It's time for bed."
  • her: "Yabecause, I want to watch a movie."
  • me: "You already watched one. Now it's time for bed."
  • her: "Yabecause..... (thinking really hard, looking around her room for something, anything, to ask for...) I want another drink."
  • me: "Okay, one more drink.... (gets another drink, tucks her in - again) Go to sleep!"
  • her: (two minutes later) "Mom!"
  • me: "Go to sleep!" (trying to maintain the sweet voice, despite my desire to duck tape her to the bed)
  • her: "Yabecause, I can't fall asleep..."

Begot - It's amazing how many times she can use this one.

  • "Mom, we begot to have a vitamin."
  • "Mom, we begot to have a treat."
  • "Mom, we begot to play the game."
           Then, of course, I like to point out how she "begot" to say "forgot".

Lasterday - This is her most recent word, and one I thought was pretty unique. Until I looked it up on the good old web. It's not actually a word, but it's used a lot. Urban Dictionary has several:

  • A word used to describe an indefinite time in the past (e.g. last week, last month, last year)
         Remember lasterday when we went to the beach?
  • The time peroid that falls between yesterday and last week. Excelent for college students who don't have the capacity to remember what day it is. 
         Jess: Yell lost her phone lasterday.
  • The day or days before today, any day before the current day with no exact date in mind.
                I did that at school lasterday.

Hmmm... I wonder if I can use them all in a sentence...

"Yabecause you begot to paint my fingernails lasterday, member?"

Whether in real life or in the world of fiction - I'd love to hear about the made-up words in your world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Best Fruit

This week's writing quote is,

"The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit."
- Moliere

Okay, so you can really apply that to any aspect of your life. But I find particular comfort in applying it to my writing. Because let me tell you - it is extremely slow growing!

My first book was easy. I wrote most of it in a three month block. It was exciting to see it all show up on the screen. It was a learning experience. It was Terrible!

Really. But it's okay.

I moved on to my second book. The idea was fun. I dove right in. And nearly drowned in the tide.

It proved to hold many more challenges than the first book I wrote.

Historical fiction's kind of like that.

I loved doing the research, but it was still hard to get myself to do it.

Then I put it aside so I could focus on my writing planners.

Now I'm in limbo. I think the slowest thing to develop in my writing is actually deciding what genre to write! I feel like that just comes naturally to most writers. But I'm really struggling with it. The more I read, and the more I learn about what I actually like, the more I wonder.

I'm not giving up on my current historical fiction, but it may take a vacation on my bookshelf while I explore a new idea I've got, in a new genre.

* * * * *

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Can Relate...Sometimes!

This week's writing quote is:

"I have made this [letter] longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter."
- Blaise Pascal

Sometimes it's so easy to get carried away with our writing, that we've written three chapters that have nothing to do with the plot. Sometimes our characters take a detour, and we want to see where it leads so we follow, only to get lost down a dead-end street.

But that's okay. That's what drafting is for. We experiment. We explore.

Eventually we have to go back. Edit. Revise. Thus begins the process of shortening. Taking out all the unnecessary stuff. Oh yeah, and adding those most important details that somehow we missed! It takes time. But the end result is so much better.

Thank goodness we have computers. Thank goodness we're not dealing with typewriters or worse, hand writing. (Although I know a few writers who still prefer that method!)

* * * * *

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Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, a day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Parts To Leave Out

This week's writing quote is:

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip."
- Elmore Leonard

Such simple words. Well Duh! Right? But most of us are guilty of skipping over passages, even when we really love the book. As a writer, that's one of my biggest fears. Will I bore the reader? Will they skip this part?

So ask yourself: Is this really necessary? Does it move the plot along? Does it create conflict? Does it develop the character? Would the reader miss anything if you took it out?


Then get rid of it!

(Is anyone still reading this post?)

Have I bored you yet?

Well, if you're still with me, go check out my website. I've got a special offer for The Write Planner going on now.

For the next two weeks they are on sale for just $12. 

That's only $1 per month to keep you focused on your writing!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, a day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here.