Friday, June 22, 2012

Help...A Call for Books!

I need help...

From you!!!

I'm begging...

I need great book recommendations!!!

You see, I have this problem...

I have this huge work project, with a short deadline. My best recipe for productive work time is to have a really good audio book playing on my ipod. And with this big work project, I have to focus on, you know... work, instead of getting distracted with, oh...browsing the internet...cough, (Pintrest) cough... 

But when I sit at my computer for hours on end, and don't have a good audio book to listen to, I tend to get distracted.

So, tell me what great books you've read lately, and I'll see if they're available on an audio book.

Great books, not okay ones!

Books you couldn't put down!

Books you accidentally missed your daughter's dance recital or your son's soccer tournament game because you got lost in another chapter.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pepsi and Chocolate

Most of us out there have an addiction to something. 

Some people struggle with an addiction to a harmful substance, like drugs or alcohol. For others, it's an addiction to video games, facebook, shopping, collecting, and even reading. There are too many possible additions to name, some worse than others.

Some of us know and admit to our additions. 

Some of us are still in denial, and it's the people around us who point out our possible "problem".

Take the other day, for example:

My husband called to me from where he sat at the computer and asked, 

"Kim, have you been out shoplifting?"

"That depends," I joked, "Was I caught?"

He read to me the beginning of an article he'd come across on

"A woman accused of attempting to steal items from the City Creek Harmons grocery store told police she ran out of money and needed Pepsi and Chocolate to feed an addiction."

I had to laugh. 

There are some days when I get pretty desperate, but I don't think I'd go that far...

Especially when the article continues to say this woman was charged with a third-degree felony, and charged $5,000 bail.

Not worth it!

However, this does reminds me about something I found on Pintrest, which I am determined to make for myself:

Because you never know when an emergency will strike. 

I wonder if I could fit a bottle of Pepsi in the frame too...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Year Gone...

It's that day again.

The anniversary of my birth.

Two years ago, when I turned 30, I debuted a mission statement for my 30's. 

(My friends even through me a Digging Deeper birthday party, including a shovel to dig with.)

Essentially, it means that I plan to spend more time doing things thoroughly, and less time trying to be perfect at everything. Two years in and I think I'm coming up wanting. It's hard to kick the habit of overachieving. Or is it overcomplicating? Overwhelming? Overthinking? 

I think I'm doing okay though. I've cut out some of the things that weren't a major part of my life. True, I've added a few new things in too, but we won't go there...

Life isn't perfect, but I love it anyway. I don't mind being 32. I hope I can say that when I turn 42, 52 and beyond. Each day, each year brings new challenges. It also brings new blessings, and new opportunities.

Life goes on.

"The trick is growing up without growing old"
-Casey Stengel

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Most Embarrassing Moment...

I'm fortunate enough to have the kind of memory that...blocks things. It must be a self preservation tactic. Due to my "condition", I've blocked a lot of the embarrassing things I've done in my life. I think it falls close to the category of how mothers forget the misery of childbirth, when contemplating having another baby. If our minds didn't work that way, there would be A LOT of one child families out there.

When I was younger, probably Junior High and High School age, one of the most popular questions to ask people was "What is your most embarrassing moment?" Maybe because it acts as an ice-breaker. Maybe because teenagers spend their time dwelling on their own embarrassing moments, and like to feel secure in knowing theirs aren't as bad as yours. I'm not sure. But I don't think I've had anyone ask me that question for at least a decade.

The reason I remember the question so well is because I never had an embarrassing moment to share. (At the time, I didn't know I had the "block that from my memory" condition.) In searching my memory, I always came up empty. Not that I never got embarrassed. I just never felt like they were funny enough moments to qualify for "most embarrassing".

Things like trying to pull open a door when the sign right in front of me said "Push". It's funny, but it wouldn't win any awards. For a while, it was the best I could do.

Until...This happened:

While waiting in line at Lagoon Amusement Park, my teenage friends and I began "flirting" (translation: acting like ridiculous, giggling girls who thought the world revolved around us and whether or not the boys thought we were cute...)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, we were flirting with the boys in front of us in line. It was for the Sky Tram thing - the one that takes you from one end of the park to the other. As we got to the front of the line, I had my back turned to the boys (probably asking a friend something stupid like, "is he looking at me?"), when suddenly that "friend" told me to hurry up, it was my turn and I was going to miss the chair.

Without thinking, I turned around and stepped onto the spot right as the chair rounded the corner. About a second later I saw a boy, sitting in the chair next to me with a puzzled look on his face. Then I heard the giggling from behind me, and I knew what had happened.

I'd been set up. And I now had to ride the entire length of the park with the startled, albeit cute, stranger.

That story became my saving grace at those times when the question was asked: "What is your most embarrassing moment?"

But here's the thing:
I'm 99% sure it never happened.

I actually think I made up the whole story as a teenager, so I'd have something to tell, and then over the years of retelling it, I convinced myself it really happened.


I've been doubting the truth of that "embarrassing moment" for a few years now. So when I read this quote a few weeks ago, it really made me laugh:

"There are lots of people who mistake their 
imagination for their memory."
-Josh Billings

I think I have a new most embarrassing moment. It just might be this blog post.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas
By Kimberly Coates

‘Twas the Eve of First Christmas and all through the land
There was not one room open neither simple, nor grand

Dread filled Joseph’s heart, at the last place they tried
As the innkeeper’s head shook from side to side

Then, filled with compassion, he thought of a way
He told of a stable, a place they could stay

Having no other option, each door closed up tight
A simple old stable, became a delight

They thanked the kind man, while the door he was closing
The day nearly gone, soon the dark was enclosing

When fine’ly they found it, Joseph took tender care
Made a bed out of straw, with no time to spare

The pain soon began, God’s own son nearly here
Mary prayed to have courage to replace her fear

And when she looked at His face, sent from above
She knew in an instant of a mother’s pure love

She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes for the night
Laid Him in a manger, then noticed a light

A new star above them, up high in the East
Shining brighter then others by two times, at least

Nearby there were shepherds with their flocks in the field
Looking up to the sky, saw the star unconcealed

When an angel appeared bringing news of Christ’s birth
They set forth to visit the One of Great Worth

For God so loved the world that He sent us his son
And because of his precious gift, Christmas begun

When the wise men arrived, they knelt down in praise
And starting tradition, their gifts did they raise

But it didn’t take long to fill hearts with greed
Instead of all giving; we get, want, and need

So many distractions, ways to go into debt
The true meaning of Christmas, we must not forget

If we look at what’s changed since that first Christmas night
We’ll find the answers to things the world has lost sight

If we’d have been there, seen the star in the sky
There is one thing for certain: no reindeer flew by!

Now our stockings are filled to the brim with fun treats
Each year they get bigger, they were once for our feet

And under the tree where once there were presents
The crumpled up paper now covers the floor vents

The Christmas we know just would not feel complete
Without treats from our neighbors to fatten our seat

And by Christmas night, you bid your visitors bye
The toys are half broken, you vow that “Next year you’ll try”

To teach the true purpose of the gift of God’s love
The kind of giving and caring the scriptures talk of

No need to wonder if it’s big or too small
Cuz unlike a sweater, love is one size fits all

Christ was not wealthy in treasures of this earth
But he loved everyone, he knew of their worth

It doesn’t take money to make Christmas great
Just think about Christ, it is never too late

You don’t need to wait or hold off for good reason
To practice what you’ll do for the next Christmas season

So starting this moment to give others a lift
Love them with all your heart, for love is the best gift!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Moved In

I moved into a new home last weekend. Because I was in the middle of a move, I've been offline for a few days. Before that I was packing. It's been busy. What can I say, Moving is "Sometimes Hard, But Oh-So Worth It!"

I'm in the Syracuse Utah area now (about 30 miles north of where I was before). I have a lot to learn about the area.

It will come with time. And practice.

Kind of like writing.

Lillian Hellman says it well,

"Nothing you write, if you hope to be good, will ever come out as you first hoped."

Practice, Practice, Practice!

* * * * *

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love of...Colin Firth

You've probably heard about this author named Jane Austin. Well, I'd heard of her too. But unlike so many readers and writers out there, I never had the "I love anything Jane Austin, especially Pride and Prejudice" bug bit me. 

I think I know why I never really connected with Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy before now.

You see, I'm an audio book fan. It all began with the narrator for the Harry Potter series. That guy was amazing. And because I am able to listen to books while I work (they actually help me stay focused on that work!), I usually opt for the audio version of books if they are available.

Therein lies the problem.  I listened to Pride and Prejudice instead of actually reading it, and it didn't work for me. There are some stories that must be read. I would be willing to bet that the older the actual book itself is, the better.

So I listened to the story, but didn't fall in love.

Until now.

I present: 

Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, you need to. This is the 6 hour version. And yes, it's totally worth the 6 hours spend. (Though I think you'd have a hard time convincing my husband it was worth the 12 hours it took me to watch it twice. In 3 days.) I saw the Keira Knightley version from 2005 a few years ago. But this one is So Much Better!

Now, I can't wait to get my own copy of the original book and actually read it. Too bad it will probably have to be a newly printed version instead of one so old the pages are nearly falling away from the binding.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Love of Learning

I love to learn new things. So bad, in fact, that I take too many new things on and cannot stay focused on any of them long enough to actually learn something. It's a problem I've always had, but never really been able to change.

I love to learn new things!

(To be perfectly clear, I consider this different from loving change. That, I'm not so good at. Like when your computer system gets upgraded and you have no idea how to do the same thing you were good at yesterday.)

But, back to learning...

Things I want to learn:

  • Great storytelling
  • Public speaking
  • Will power (when it comes to food)
  • Spanish
  • Sign language
  • Cake decorating (thanks to you - Laura!)
  • First aide
  • How to fast forward through potty training
  • Patience (though I am NOT praying for this, as I do not want to learn it that way!)
  • Better time management (all my friends think I'm an expert at this. I have them all fooled!)
That's to name a few. I'd bore you if I continued.

It's a pretty good list. I want to do those things. But how?

The best way would probably be to pick one at a time and focus. Focus. FOCUS!!!

Or  you could go with this method:

"The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it."
-Benjamin Disaeli

What do you want to learn?

* * * * *

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Tour - Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston

Ida Mae
Babbitt rides again!

Ida Mae Babbitt may be a reformed woman, but trouble just can't stay away.
Follow the blog tour for Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston and learn
about Ida Mae's latest adventure.

This is the second book in Tristi Pinkston's Secret Sisters Series, and if you loved the first you'll love this one too. If you haven't read the first you can just pick up on the story with Dearly Departed. One of my favorite things about Dearly Departed was that Tristi gave Eden, Ida Mae's friend's granddaughter, a more essential role. I spoke to Tristi about that last weekend and she told me she was surprised by Eden as well. While Ida Mae works the inside of the Care Center, Eden investigates the crime from the outside. They made a great team. Not to mention having Kevin's help. I do love a little romance!

One thing's for sure. If, when I'm a little elderly woman, I ever break a leg and arm and am left completely helpless, I wouldn't mind checking into a place like Shady Aspen Retirement Center. Well, except for the whole murdering of residents thing.

Check out Dearly Departed for a fun light read that will give you ideas for how to spend your retirement years!

Walnut Springs Press will be giving away THREE copies of
Dearly Departed . One
GRAND PRIZE winner will win this fun
scrap booking pack.

It's easy to enter.
1. Visit the fabulous reviews and leave a comment letting us know why
you're excited to read Dearly
. Remember to include your email address.
2. For an additional entry become a follower of Walnut Springs Press blog,
Tristi's blog, or any of the fabulous reviews blog. Leave a comment letting
us know who's blog you now follow.
3. If you tweet about the blog tour, or post about it on your blog or
facebook, leave the link in the comments section and you'll receive an
additional entry for each post.

Good Luck! Entries close at midnight (MST) on March 6th.

Ida Mae Babbitt has done her community service and is a reformed
woman - no more law-breaking for her. But when Arlette's granddaughter
Eden discovers a mystery in a fancy nursing home, Ida Mae - with the
perfect excuse of a broken wrist and a broken ankle - checks herself into
the place. After all, it is for the greater good. Soon she's buzzing
around in her motorized wheelchair, questioning the residents and swiping
files from the office. She's bound and determined to get to the bottom of
this case. But can she solve the mystery before she becomes the next

February 16th
Starcrossed book
(Nichole Giles)

Febraury 17
(Karlene Browning)

February 18
Heather Justensen

February 21
Elizabeth Mueller

February 22
LDS Women's Book Review (Shanda

February 23
Rachelle Writes
(Rachelle Christensen)
Hard But Oh So Worth It
(Kimberly Coates)

February 24
Fire and Ice (Heather

February 28
Cheryl's Book Nook
(Cheryl Koch)

March 1
JDP News (Joyce DiPastena)

March 2
Teri Rodeman

March 3
Why Not? Because I Said
(Sheila Stayley)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off to LTUE!

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to the BYU Conference Center in Provo for the annual writer's workshop:

Life, the Universe and Everything

But I won't see you in any of the workshops. 


Because I'll be there as a vendor!

That's right, I bought a vendors table.

And I'll be there selling (hopefully selling) my writing planners.

You've heard about them...

You've wanted one...

You've put it off ordering one for unknown reasons...

Now's your chance! 

If you're going to be at LTUE, come find me in the vendors hall. 
You can see them in person. Touch them. Smell them. Drool on them. Buy them...

Who doesn't love a little organization?

Who doesn't love to have one place to write down all your writing goals?

Who doesn't love motivating writing quotes to keep you going?

And now, here's the writing quote pulled directly from this week's page:

"Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, 
we lose the excitement of possibilities. 
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning."
-Gloria Steinem

If you have any questions, send me an email or check out my website!

I'll be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

I hope to see you soon...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Seamless Storytelling

My dad is a storyteller. He can entertain with his words and make otherwise average stories funny. When I listen to him tell a story, my mind does not drift away to my To-do list or what I'm going to eat next.  Okay, sometimes I still think about food (chocolate), but you know what I mean.

He also likes to tell jokes. Only he tells them as stories, and you never know until he's done if he's building up to a story ending or a punch line. Most of the time it's a punch line.

Me, on the other hand? I'm not so good with the jokes. Never have been. Usually I can't keep a straight face. They usually go something like this:

"Wanna hear a joke? (no subtlety there!) Okay, there were three guys that walked into a bar. Or was is two guys and a girl? Um, I can't remember. Anyway, three people walk into a bar. I don't think it matters if they're guys or girls. One says to another... Oh, I can't remember how he said it. Maybe the girl said something first. Crap! I can't remember. But it was funny! You'll just have to trust me."

I know.  Lame.

Lucky for me, I'm the writing kind of storyteller, not the sit-around-the-table-chatting kind of storyteller. I can revise and change my story until it actually makes sense. At least that's the idea. I haven't actually got there yet...  :)

And now for my weekly writing quote:

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
-Hannah Arendt

* * * * *

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here

Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Launch and Give-a-way

It's a book launch and give-a-way!


Sarah M. Eden's newest book, The Kiss of a Stranger, has just been released. I'm currently reading it, and I love it! I'm going back to it as soon as I'm done with this post.

Sarah is joining two other authors, Jennifer K. Clark and Stephonie K. Williams, who co-wrote the book Mark of Royalty, for a book launch.

Saturday, February 12th
11am - 1pm
Provo Deseret Book
989 South University Ave

There are going to be lots of door prizes, including one of my very own writing planners: 

Check out Sarah's website for more information, and to see the other prizes.