Sunday, August 9, 2009

10th Anniversary

This weekend Todd and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Todd's parents watched the kids, and we headed up to Park City.  First, we stopped to get lunch.  It was weird not having to worry about getting the kids out of the car, and finding a high chair, ect.  And even more amazing:  I got to enjoy a HOT lunch.  It's been a while!  ;)

Next, we drove to the Park City Ski Resort.  There are several activities to do in the summer months, including some fun rides.  The weather was a little on the cold side, but we lucked out because it didn't rain on us.  The rides get cancelled in the rain.  We started off by taking the
ski lift up the mountain, and then riding the Alpine Slide.  Then we did the Alpine Coaster.
That was our favorite.  We sat in a little car/sled that was attached to a rail, just like a roller coaster.  Then we rode in it as it was pulled up the track by a cable.  When we got to the top; gravity took over.  

They told us we would go faster if we sat in the same cart, so we did.  Down we went!  They also told us that the only time we would need to use our brakes was to avoid hitting the car in front of us.  We never did get close to the person ahead of us, so we didn't brake at all.  It was so fast.  It curved and looped through the trees, down the mountain, for over a mile of track.  The website says it goes up to 30 mph, and I'm sure that we were about that fast.  It was so much fun.  I highly recommend it!

We did the coaster twice, and then headed back to the ski lift for the Ziprider.  That's where they put you in a harness and then you slide, 110 feet in the air, on a cable, from the top to the bottom.  We really liked this one too, but the line for it was over a hour long, so we only did it once.  We finished it off with one more ride on the Alpine Coaster.  

My word of advice to anyone that wants to try it out:  Don't use your brakes!!  :)

We stayed at a cute little Bed and Breakfast, in Midway, called Johnson's Mill.  There was a small lake just outside our room, with a cute little gazebo.  We tried to use the paddle boat, but I don't think it was working right.  We couldn't control where we were going.  I'm just glad we made it back to the dock!  We took a walk on the trail that circled the property, and I had fun taking pictures.  Breakfast was on the outdoor patio, overlooking the lawns.  
We had a really good time.  

Here's to another 10, and way beyond!


Kala said...

Congrats you two! You both look great. Life is good when it's spent with the one you love.

Janet said...

I'm glad that you could celebrate together and do something fun. Congrats on 10 years. It seems like yesterday to me.

Lance said...

Kim it freaks me out how alike we are. Lance and I stayed at Johnson's Mill 4 years ago. I saw it online and fell in love with it. It was so much fun and they are such a nice family. Did you buy any soap? I am so glad that you guys had a good time.

The Haroldsens said...

I just heard about the mill today, kind of funny that I just caught up on the blogs today and read this too. It looks like you had a lot of fun and are a lot more daring than I would be. Congrats!!