Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day! That means it's also

And Mr. Punxsutawney Phil has given me the best birthday present ever. He predicted an 
Early Spring!

I don't think I've been warm for the last three months. But there may be an end in sight.

Of course, not today. It's 8 degrees outside right now.

I'm ready for Spring. I'm ready to Spring Clean. I'm ready to do yard work. I'm ready to send the kids out in the back yard to play.

Of course all of those things will be happening in a new house. As long as everything goes smoothly anyway. Our house is under contract, and we're house hunting. I've even found a house I'm very interested in. The next month will bring lots of changes.

Bring them on!

And since I've been behind on everything this week, my weekly writers quote is late. But without further delay I present:

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."
-Mark Twain

Can you use that for houses to? The difference between the right house and the almost right house is the difference between...what? Your entire future? There's a lot of pressure in that, isn't there. Where you live will have major impacts on your life. Not to mention on the lives of your children.

I hope I will choose the right words, as well as the right house!

* * * * *

Today's writing quote was taken from The Write Planner, my day planner designed for writers. To learn more about The Write Planner, click here


Anonymous said...

One house to choose! That's a big scary. I know; I've been there. It's a huge purchase. At least with words, we can change and change. But the pick one and that's it!

Hope it will be a happy house!
Ann Best, Author

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Happy birthday, Kim! I hope it is a fabulous one! You deserve it!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Well, that IS a good present! Happy Birthday!

Cami Checketts said...

Happy birthday! Congrats on the new house. We made a few mistakes with our house but it's still a dream come true. Don't stress, no house is perfect, it's the love that's inside that counts.
I hope that early spring really comes!

Cami Checketts said...

Happy birthday!
I'm sure the house will be wonderful. We made mistakes when we built our final home but we still are so happy here. It's the love inside that counts, not the perfect structure.

Becca said...

Happy birthday! (We like to drag these things out a little around here, celebrate Birth-week.)

Okie said...

happy happy birthday!

I just came across that Mark Twain quote in my own Write Planner (cool tool by the way) and shared it with my wife...we good a good chuckle out of it.

Hope you have a great celebration. :)