Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five Blogging Languages

Over the last few months I have found myself getting more and more into reading blogs.  It started out with friends and families personal blogs.  Then, one by one I started to link over to other blogs.  Some were friends of friends, and family of friends, and so on.  But some were totally different.  

My eyes are still opening to the incredibly large world of blogging that's out there, just waiting to be discovered by souls like me (and  you).  Baking, Writing, Reading, Photography, Religion, Opinions, Advice, and that's such a small start.  

Today, on my daily tour through "Blogger-ville" I read one of my regular blogs, and it made me laugh, smile, and think: What kind of Blogger am I?  It discussed 5 different types of bloggers, and it was so well put.  Link to it here:  

And if you go on to read that blog, you will note that I'm following one of the 5 languages described (hyperlinking).  I find myself in several of the categories described. Mostly I'm a lurker, but I'm trying to break out of that.  I leave occasional comments, but not faithfully.  I don't recall ever hyperlinking before now, so I hope the link works.  I intent to add a blog-roll here soon, and credit for that decision goes to that blog.  And I have subscribed to a few, but not all the blogs I regularly read.

And for any of you out there who are slowly getting into the blogging world, like me, I pose a question.  Have you heard of google reader?  I have been using it for a while, and love it.  You enter in the blog address, and it will tell you when the blog has been updated.  That way you don't have to check in with them all individually, just so you don't miss anything.  There may be other programs out there that do the same thing, but this is the one I know about.

One of my favorite "Just for Fun" blogs is Bakerella.  She is wonderful.  Great pictures, great recipes, and great ideas.  Check it out.


Kala said...

I always love to see that you have written. I have been a lurker for quite sometime now. However, my gift to myself for my b-day was to start a blog. It's kind of hard to think of what to say for me patient as I figure it out. This is my blog address

Take care and keep in touch.

Brooke S said...

I love Google Reader!!!