Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Family Pictures

We had our yearly family pictures taken last Saturday.
The kids weren't really in the mood to cooperate, but we did alright.

Since we just had our 10th wedding anniversary, I thought
it was appropriate to have one of just Todd and I.

Right as we were finishing up, we gave the kids one more shot.
Emily loved being in this tree, and Ryan was happy to be standing
by himself, instead of being held, in what he thought, was a restricting position.

Emily wasn't this happy when we told her it was time to get down.
She would have stayed there all day.

Ryan, enjoying his freedom.

When we put them back in the car, they were both crying. Less than 10 minutes down the road, they were both asleep.

Thanks R, A, and Miss M for helping us out with these. We love them!


Andrea said...

Wow! What a cute family! You did a great job with them :D

Kala said...

Sooo cute! =D

Amanda said...

These are so cute! The tree was such a cute idea!!!

Janet said...

Nice pictures. I'm glad they turned out well.

Rochelle said...

Beautiful pictures! Your kids are growing up way too fast!