Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Smell Bacon. Still.

Last night I used a new recipe for Potato Soup. One of the ingredients was freshly cooked bacon. So I bought bacon, which I don't do very often.

And now I remember why.

I hate cooking it. Don't get me wrong, I love eating it, but cooking it is another story.

The smoke. The splatters. The smell.

After the bacon was done I used some of the reserved grease to cook the chopped onions in. Let me just tell you, those two ingredients together nearly did me in. I'm surprised I still have paint on my walls.

When I came downstairs this morning I could still smell bacon. And when I smelled my hands, I could still smell onions. I think I've finally got rid of the onion smell, but even this afternoon, almost 24 hours later, my house still wreaks of bacon.

I've heard before that eating too much bacon can clog your arteries. Is it possible that the smell of bacon can clog your sinus's? Because I think that's what happened here.

At least the soup was good. But I may reconsider the recipe next time, and use pre-cooked bacon and minced onion instead.


Tiffany said...

Washing your hands with soap and a metal object (I usually use my tweezers) will rid your hands of the onion smell, bacon? I have no idea!!

MT said...

Oh, can I come over? I LOVE the smell of bacon! But I'm with you when it comes to the mess of cooking it. I'd rather buy the pre-cooked stuff if I'm just adding it to a salad or something. :)
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Betty said...

I know what recipe you used. To bad you can't open your windows, but you're in Utah, in the winter. I think next time I make it I will skip frying it, too. But it was good soup! haha

Becca said...

I am so with you. Pre-cooked bacon is the only way I go these days. But onions? Oh, every day. Every single day.

Kelli said...

The tough thing is that precooked bacon doesn't have the same effect in soup. So you will have to choose. Lose the awesome flavor or lose the smell. Good luck! The same goes for making Navajo Tacos...Frying things reeks up the house!