Friday, December 2, 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas
By Kimberly Coates

‘Twas the Eve of First Christmas and all through the land
There was not one room open neither simple, nor grand

Dread filled Joseph’s heart, at the last place they tried
As the innkeeper’s head shook from side to side

Then, filled with compassion, he thought of a way
He told of a stable, a place they could stay

Having no other option, each door closed up tight
A simple old stable, became a delight

They thanked the kind man, while the door he was closing
The day nearly gone, soon the dark was enclosing

When fine’ly they found it, Joseph took tender care
Made a bed out of straw, with no time to spare

The pain soon began, God’s own son nearly here
Mary prayed to have courage to replace her fear

And when she looked at His face, sent from above
She knew in an instant of a mother’s pure love

She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes for the night
Laid Him in a manger, then noticed a light

A new star above them, up high in the East
Shining brighter then others by two times, at least

Nearby there were shepherds with their flocks in the field
Looking up to the sky, saw the star unconcealed

When an angel appeared bringing news of Christ’s birth
They set forth to visit the One of Great Worth

For God so loved the world that He sent us his son
And because of his precious gift, Christmas begun

When the wise men arrived, they knelt down in praise
And starting tradition, their gifts did they raise

But it didn’t take long to fill hearts with greed
Instead of all giving; we get, want, and need

So many distractions, ways to go into debt
The true meaning of Christmas, we must not forget

If we look at what’s changed since that first Christmas night
We’ll find the answers to things the world has lost sight

If we’d have been there, seen the star in the sky
There is one thing for certain: no reindeer flew by!

Now our stockings are filled to the brim with fun treats
Each year they get bigger, they were once for our feet

And under the tree where once there were presents
The crumpled up paper now covers the floor vents

The Christmas we know just would not feel complete
Without treats from our neighbors to fatten our seat

And by Christmas night, you bid your visitors bye
The toys are half broken, you vow that “Next year you’ll try”

To teach the true purpose of the gift of God’s love
The kind of giving and caring the scriptures talk of

No need to wonder if it’s big or too small
Cuz unlike a sweater, love is one size fits all

Christ was not wealthy in treasures of this earth
But he loved everyone, he knew of their worth

It doesn’t take money to make Christmas great
Just think about Christ, it is never too late

You don’t need to wait or hold off for good reason
To practice what you’ll do for the next Christmas season

So starting this moment to give others a lift
Love them with all your heart, for love is the best gift!


Kelli said...

I love this more and more every time I read it! Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Marsha Ward said...

What a great poem, Kim. Thanks for sharing it.

I need a 2012 "The Write Planner," but your site is down. Are you still producing them? Please let me know how to get one. Thanks.

Okie said...

Very nice. :)

MTeacress said...

That's a keeper! Good job Kim. :)

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

So beautiful! I love this poem!