Monday, December 21, 2009

Optimistic Mondays – A Rookie Mistake

I have been married for ten years, going on one. I’ve learned many things over the course of the last decade. But all of that knowledge does me no good if I’m not going to use it.

Last week I made a rookie mistake. I was cooking dinner; multi-tasking at it’s best. Kids are always just a little more needy during “Dinner-making-time”, and I was trying my best to keep them happy, and not burn the food. In my distracted state, the mistake was made.

One of the pans on the stove was finished, and I emptied it into the other, placing the pan in the sink. Something spilled over on the stove, and the smoke alarms started blazing. My husband waved a pillow in front of it, while I opened the window to let the smoke out. Although I do not often burn dinner, we are well practiced in the process of smoke alarms. The smallest amount of smoke sends them into a frenzy.

Once the process was complete, I returned to the task of dinner. Picking the pan up from the sink, I realized my mistake. I had placed a hot-off-the-burner pan directly on top of a plastic Tupperware container. When I picked up one, the other followed.

The lid had melted, and attached itself to the bottom of my pan. Like I said, a total rookie mistake. After ten years of cooking dinner, I should have known better. I pried them apart, and this was the result:

The good news in all of this? At least I was able to pick the plastic off the bottom of the pan, saving me the trouble of buying a new one. The Tupperware was given a proper burial, in the recycle bin. May he rest in peace.

Happy Monday.


Josi said...

Don't you mean, rest in pieces? LOL. I did a similar thing, but poured burnt butter in the sink, which is now forever stained. Dumb.

Amanda said...

I have lost my share of plastic containers this way or having them actually placed on the hot stove.

Have you tried the magic eraser from Mr. Clean? theat gets all stains out, even crayons and magic markers??

M. Gray said...

So sorry about your Tupperware. Totally sounds like something I would do. ;)