Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carefree Drive

Today I went for a drive. It was not a "carefree drive". It was a drive filled with construction, traffic, errands, and whiney and tired children. Children who did not eat their lunch, but now complained of hunger. Children who refused to go potty before we left, only to announce they now needed to go.

There was nothing really unusual about this particular drive.

Not until I passed a neighborhood street sign that read:

"Carefree Drive".

Did you know that people actually LIVE on Carefree Drive? How great would that be!?!

I really think I must move there.

How would it be to have no worries. No cares.


Does that mean that I don't care about anyone? Does that mean that no one cares about me?

Hmmm... maybe this is not such a wonderful place to live after all.

I want to care about people. I want people to care about me.

I don't want to be Carefree!

I want to love and be loved.

I want to know sorrow and pain, so I can appreciate happiness and pleasure.

I want to fail, so I can more fully enjoy success.

I don't want to live on Carefree Drive.

But maybe a week long vacation there wouldn't be so bad!


Kala said...

Love this post. I don't want to be "carefree" anymore. Thanks for the reality check.

Angie said...

Nice post! Such a good point. I think a vacation on Carefree Drive is in order, though.

Samantha said...

I would much rather take the bad with the good than be blah all the time. I definitely wouldn't mind a vacation from it either, though.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

What a wonderful post! There's a time and a place for everything. Let us enjoy the sound of small feet pattering about and little demanding voices, for our homes will be filled with echoing silence when it's their time to spread their wings!

Great post, Kim!
I miss ya!