Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Just Talk...

One of my new favorite quotes says,

"Don't just talk,
Say Something."

What wonderful words. If only everyone would apply it into their lives. There would be a whole lot less talking, and maybe a little more listening.

What if we apply it to writing? It would read,

"Don't just write,
Write Something."

I recently participated in a Write-a-thon, and spent 4 hours typing away at the keyboard. I was excited to see my word count at the end of the 4 hour block, but have since realized that I'm not going to be keeping much of what I wrote. I thought I had planned for what I'd be writing, but the story took a turn, and ended up at a dead end.

Now I've got to get back in and re-write. Instead of just writing whatever comes to mind, this time I hope to actually write something.


elizabeth mueller said...

Hi Kim! I'm glad you were able to write something! What was your word count, I'm curious?

PS-I LOVE what you've done to your blog!

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on the write-a-thon! And what a great, motivational post! Don't just write: write something. I think I'll print that sucker out and put it on my wall!

Tammy Eggen said...

Kim, I am glad you are still pushing yourself to write. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am loving life on the farm but it is keeping me away from writing much as there is alot to do in the Spring on the farm. Keep writing! I can't wait to see your first book.

Jessica G. said...

When I did National Novel Writing Month, I was completely guilty of just putting words on a page to get my daily word count. But even the vapid word count can still inspire. Keep going!