Monday, January 18, 2010

Optimistic Mondays – The Day Job

This morning I find myself even more crunched for time than usual. I’m back to having a day job. This is going to wreak havoc on my schedule.

It’s a good thing, but oh how I dread it.

I’ve been an independent subcontractor for an architectural firm since I had my first baby, three years ago. Before that, I worked each day at their office. But working from home was a blessing. I got to spend my days with my children, and work while they slept. It was a perfect opportunity.

Then the office got slow, and didn’t have much work for me anymore. My husband and I had planned for this possibility and built up our savings, thankfully so.

I work on a job-to-job basis, and over the last eighteen months I’ve only had about two jobs. I’ve loved the time off, because it’s given me more time to work on my writing. I wouldn’t have finished my first draft yet, if I’d been working regularly.

Last week, my office announced they had a job for me. Wonderful news!! I really do need it. It came at a much needed time, and was an answer to my prayers.

I am, however, worried about finding time to write. The two hours I usually set aside for writing time will now be for work. I’ll need to use even better time-management to squeeze it all in.

But I do know this: I’ll find a way. The work is truly a blessing, but so is the writing. I need to do both. Now I’ll just have to find a way to pull it off, and still be a good parent.

Wish me luck, and Happy Monday!


Karen Hoover said...

I have a challenge squeezing it all in without a full time job, so I totally admire you! You can do it. I truly believe anything is possible with a little Heavenly aid.

Thanks for commenting on the Valor blog interview. It made for a very happy morning after some challenging weeks.

Janet said...

Good luck. If anyone can do it, you can. I am glad that it is you instead of me. I never get everything done as it is.

Kimberly Job said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I definitely find it hard to balance my writing and family time. If you come up with something that works well for you, please share it with the rest of us. :)

elizabeth said...

I know Heavenly Father will help you find the time! With a little prayer and inspiration, you will be well on your way to your writing again!