Monday, January 4, 2010

Optimistic Mondays – Re-charged!

It's Monday! My favorite day! Time to re-charge and start anew.

I completely blew my goal of maintaining my weight through the holidays. Yikes! Better get back on track, or I'm going to be re-joining my pre-weight-loss size in a matter of months. Not going to let that happen. But it's okay, because it's Monday. And afterall, I love Mondays.

As the first Monday of the New Year, it is even a more powerfully re-charging moment. I've been so excited for what this year will bring. I'm optimistic about the adventures that lay ahead of me. (Not sure if I used "lay" correctly. I pulled out the trusty grammar book (By Annette Lyon), but the words lay/lie seem to be my evil nemesis. One day I'll figure it out.)

I wasn't planning on posting any goals for the 2010, but over the weekend I changed my mind. Just a couple. Not resolutions, mind you. I wrote about my feelings of those here.

There are a couple of things that I would like to do during the year. To be fair, I stole these from other people/blogs.

1. Read 50 books. About one a week. My list of 'books-to-read' is so long, I really need to tackle this one.

2. Try one new recipe a week. I'll give that a try, but may change it to two a month. I need to expand my dinner options. (Doing this while sticking to a weight-maintaining plan may be tricky, but I'll try.)

I have lots of other goals for the year, but those ones I thought would be fun to post.

It's gonna be a great day, a great week, a great month, and a great year.

Happy Monday!

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Andrea said...

I tried a new recipe last night and I remember now how much I love to try new recipes! Of course, having a clean kitchen and fun cookware helps! ;)