Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Praise For The Snow Plow

You know the story. You spend an hour of back-breaking labor shoveling your sidewalk and driveway only to go inside and have the snow plow come and block it again with a two feet tall wall.

Happens every time, right?

Not in this story.

My husband had just finished the driveway. He was about to go inside when the plow turned onto our street. He braced himself to re-clear the driveway.

The snow plow passed and as expected, blocked the driveway. But instead of continuing on his way, he came back, adjusted the plow and CLEARED IT FOR US!

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I haven't.

Until now.

So today I'm singing praise for the snow plow!

To snow plow drivers every where: Thank you.

Thank you for making the roads safe for us. Thank you for working through the night. Thank you for putting up with complaints that you're not fast enough, and that you throw salt on our cars.

I think you're wonderful!

Thank a snow plow driver today. Thank any and everyone today. Be thankful for all you have been blessed with.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


L.T. Elliot said...

Aww! That's a NICE snow plow guy. =D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Janet said...

I'm glad he was nice to you and Todd. A nice surprise.

Janet said...

That is nice of him. Not many will do that.