Monday, November 22, 2010

You Know You're At Grandma's When...

We recently got back from a trip to see my husband's grandpa (92) and grandma (84). They are both in good health and enjoy seeing their grandkids. But lets face it, they enjoy their great-grandkids even more.

And you know you must be at Grandma's house when she showers your kids with presents.

Like a talking Teddy Bear.

And a harmonica.

(The ride home was so much fun!)

But the kids loved them. So I'm happy.

Another sign you must be at Grandma's? When you arrive at 2:00 in the afternoon and the table is already set for dinner. A wonderful, homemade dinner of rolls, jello salad, a veggie tray, green beans cooked with bacon, and scalloped potatoes with cubed ham. Oh, and dessert!

Dessert consisted of little bowls of ice cream and homemade cookies. Last time we visited we had the same dessert. Is that a generation thing, or just this grandma?

The next morning Grandma apologized for only serving us cold cereal. Of course there were three kinds to choose from. Plus orange juice, raisin toast, apples and bananas.

And the final sign that proves you're at Grandma's house? When she tries to pour the milk (from the store-bought container) into a pitcher for the table.

I convinced her that was not necessary.

But it did make me smile.

Only at Grandma's!

They live about 3-1/2 hours away. Most of the drive was pleasant (well, except for that harmonica!). Traffic was calm until the final hour as we drove into the city. It's my least favorite part of a trip.

The re-entry.

With semi-trucks on all sides we all managed to all stay in our own lanes, though some cars just barely.

We got stuck behind one particular car that didn't think they needed to drive the speed limit. (Just to be clear, the roads were dry, the weather was clear.) It took a few minutes before we could pass, but as we did we got a good laugh.

On the side of the car was a giant size logo that read ASAP.

Hmmm.  Did someone change that to mean As Slow As Possible, and not send me the memo?

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