Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Days Like These...

It's winter in Utah. Even if the calendar doesn't say so, twenty inches of snow does! It's cold. The roads are bad. Most of the time I just hide out at home. But even home is lacking a few of my dream necessities.

It's days like these that make we wish for three things.

  1. A fireplace. I want to sit next to it, curled up in a blanket while reading a good book. I've got the blanket. I've got the book. I don't have the fireplace.
  2. A big bathtub. You know, one for normal size people, not kids under five years old. I want to actually be able to lie down in it. That would be great. Oh, and the water needs to be hot. I mean, almost scalding. That would also be great.
  3. Finally, an in-home-at-my-beck-and-call masseuse. I shoveled so much snow yesterday that my arms and hands were numb. Not from cold, but from overuse. I could barely hang up the laundry after dinner last night. Today, when I woke up I could barely move. My arms. My back. My neck. Even my legs! Ummm... Ouch!
Maybe I'll write to you-know who.

Dear Santa,

I've been really good this year. At least, I've tried. I tried not to laugh during that over-acted roll play training meeting. I tried not to eat all the chocolate in a three mile radius from my house. I tried not to neglect my kids while I finished "one more chapter". See list above for my heart's desires.


I fear his reply would be something like this:

Dear Kim,

I received your letter of request for Christmas. I've reviewed your actions for the past year. I've come to the conclusion that I will be filling your request, at least in part. You've asked for much. Personally, I think you're being a little greedy. I'll tell you what. You get your own bath tub, and I'll send some bath salt. You get your own massuese and I'll take advantage of a nice massage when I'm there on Christmas Eve dropping off your coal (that goes in the fireplace you are in charge of getting yourself).

How does that sound?

Have a Merry Christmas. (Try harder next year.)



Andrea :) said...

LOL, I know how you feel! I need to go run some errands, but I keep finding excuses to NOT go outside in the cold!
I also wish we had a fireplace, nothing sounds better than sipping hot chocolate in front of a warm fire right now, my toes are frozen!

Tiffany said...

Sounds heavenly! I'm freezing today!! Oh how I wish we could write letters to Santa and get what we want!!

Kelli said...

Dear Kim:
Upon receiving your letter I took a look back at your year. I agree with you about the training meeting and I see you being nothing but kind to those around you.
I have decided to get you your masseuse, your tub and your fireplace... unfortunately I can't cover the shipping costs.
Will send the bill.

Anonymous said...

This made me smile! And also Kelli's comment!!
Ann Best, A Long Journey Home