Monday, November 29, 2010

The Write Planner - Special Offer

I've had a great beginning with my new product,

The Write Planner

and want to give a special thank you to all those who helped me spread the word.

Thank you!!

My resources only get me so far, but you've helped me extend my reach.

If you haven't heard about The Write Planner yet, listen up!

It's a day planner designed especially for writers. It includes:

  1. Sturdy Cover with inside pocket
  2. Weekly motivating quotes
  3. Full 2011 Yearly calendar
  4. Monthly Calendars
  5. Weekly layouts with daily goals
  6. Monthly writing goals
  7. Card stock dividers
  8. NaNoWriMo tracking sheet
  9. Track your progress
  10. Visual progress bars
  11. New contacts
  12. Critique group info
  13. Notes
  14. Upcoming conferences (blank)
  15. Built-in Ribbon bookmark

Check out my website, Writer Remedies and see sample pages here.

As a special offer, if you order before November 30th, 2010, in addition to the full 2011 planner, you'll get the month of December 2010,  included for free. That way you won't have to wait until the new year to organize your writing.

I only have 12 more of these special edition planners left in stock, in the following color options:

  • (5) Blue
  • (3) Green
  • (2) Tan
  • (2) Cream

Get one as a gift and one for yourself! (Especially since shipping is the same amount whether you buy 1 or 2 planners!)

Included in the planner are weekly quotes from famous authors to motivate and inspire you, and sometimes just make you laugh. This week's quote is,

"I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, 
and took out a comma. 
In the afternoon I put it back again."  
- Oscar Wilde

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